Twitter ADS

  • Within reach of all budgets
  • Targeted ads to your target market
  • Quick Results
  • Advertising visible on Tablets and Phones
  • Full Control ads
  • Advertising within the reach of all budgets
 It positions your brand on social networks

Twitter ADS

Some of the services offered by Web Design related to this network of microblogging are:

  • Creating profile through Keywords

  • Research Competition

  • Presence and brand building (more customers)

  • Management with users (Community Management)

  • Management company reputation (what the brand says, users effective)

  • Increased followers talk about their brand

  • Leadership of opinion within their market

  • Publication of newspaper content value

  • Hiring --- mentions Sponsored Links

  • Publication of images (activations, Events)

  • Generation of content on topics of interest based on your goals and SEO guidelines

  • Customer Service (Crisis Management, incidents, complaints, suggestions, Resource Optimization)

  • Dynamic communication with customers, suppliers, prospects

  • Tracking metrics and conversions